Sir Morris

the Incest Knight; the Silver Knight


Year Born: 465
Age: 29
Son Number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Lord: Sir Roderick
Current Class: Noble
Current Home: Idmiston

Glory: 1,761

SIZ 11
DEX 13
CON 15
APP 14

Damage 3d6
Healing Rate 2
Movement Rate 2
Total Hit Points 26
Unconscious 7

Distinctive Features
Musical Voice
Piercing Gaze

Awareness 15
Boating 1
Compose 6
Courtesy 11
Dancing 2
Faerie Lore 1
Falconry 10
First Aid 15
Flirting 4
Folklore 11
Gaming 3
Heraldry 5
Hunting 15
Intrigue 9
Orate 4
Play(Flute) 3
Read(Latin) 7
Recognize 5
Religion 2
Romance 2
Singing 2
Stewardship 12
Swimming 3
Tourney 2

Battle 10
Horsemanship 12

Sword 12
Lance 12
Spear 6
Dagger 6
Bow 9

Chivalry Bonus (italics) 72
Religious Bonus (bold) 64

Chaste 12 / 8 Lustful
Energetic 13/ 7 Lazy
Forgiving 11 / 9 Vengeful
Generous 13/ 7 Selfish
Honest 16/ 4 Deceitful
Just 10 / 10 Arbitrary
Merciful 10/ 10 Cruel
Modest 13 / 7 Proud
Pious 10 / 10 Worldly
Prudent 11 / 9 Reckless
Temperate 13 / 7 Indulgent
Trusting 10 / 10 Suspicious
Valorous 15 / 5 Cowardly

Directed Traits

Loyalty (Lord) 15
Love (Family) 15
Hospitality 15
Honor 13
Hate (Saxons) 14
Amor (Ygraine) 5
Concern (My Commoners) 7 Resigned as Lord: 491

Squire: Orin
Age: 16


Married to:
Fist Daughter of a Vassle Knight: Laize 485 (annulled 490)

Father of:
Bastard Son (Perin: 486) Died: 491
Incest Baby (Morians: 489)
Bastard Daughter (Bene : 487) Died: 491
Bastard Son (Idres: 488) Died: 492
Bastard Son (Gauter: 492)

Just your run of the mill knight until he was faced with the daunting task of helping Merlin obtain the SWORD OF TRIUMPH and in an attempt to call a passion went insane. He took this time to challenge everything from trees to nobles to duels; luckily he didn’t kill any nobles or he would have been put to death upon coming to his senses, unfortunately many trees had to die. Not soon after the mass slaying of trees Morris was detained by the Silver Knight and held in a chapel in Car Gwent. After being released by the Silver Knight, Morris found himself to be a rather able bandit, still insane of course, but a bandit none the less. He picked up the bow to help his bandit brothers and found this lifestyle suitable for his state of mind, this continued for two years. When Morris finally came to his senses he remembered only pieces from his time spent while insane, but enough for it to leave a stain on his consciousness.

Morris came back to a manor run by his youngest sister’s twin Berel, his wife married to another, and a claim that instead of being insane he was dead. This claim was made by Lore, Morris’ younger sister, who had no choice in her mind other than do claim his death so the lands didn’t fall to ruin. Before anything could happen with Lore, Morris was hit by the fact that his older sister, Melinor, had given birth to a baby out of wedlock. When confronting her with this issue she related to him that the only reason she had slept with the man was because he reminded her so much of him she couldn’t resist. This was quite a shock to Morris and since he couldn’t remember what had happened during that time he jumped to the worst possible conclusion, that the baby, was in fact, his. In his disgust he couldn’t bring himself to ask Melinor if this was the truth. He chose to carry this burden alone. He naively thought this terrible truth would remain hidden, but not soon after he was affronted with an ultimatum from an unknown source to pay him 10 libra or he would let everyone know what Morris had done; insulted by the threat he burned the letter. During winter court Earl Roderick asked Morris what he thought needed to be done to punish Lore for her transgression, and due to Lore thinking her lie was in the best interest of the lands Morris agreed to share her honor loss and set her up to be married to Sir Bellias.

Thinking everything would turn out fine Morris thought nothing when he was called away for a {Saxon Battle(not sure what he was called away for)} by Earl Roderick. After the battle was done Roderick got in front of all the knights and proclaimed his disgust for a rumor that had recently come to his attention, he asked his knights if any of them had been involved in incest; honor bound and compelled by his own moral code Morris confessed that he may have done so with Melinor while he was insane, his honor dropped and so did his self worth. During this time Roderick told Morris that he would have to do something with this baby. When Sir Galardoun offered to take the baby off Morris’ hands he was forced to accept; he knew it would tear his sister apart to be separated from her child, but he had little choice.

Riddled with shame Morris knew he no longer deserved a wife and set about getting his marriage annulled; he felt it was wrong to break up a marriage that bore children and force his wife to come back to a man who was such a horrible person as to impregnate his own sister. Morris had to besmirch his own name in order to get his wedding annulled and he also had to break his own personal morals and lie about the marriage being consummated. He sent the proof sheets to Laize’s new husband with a letter stating that Morris had Laize and his marriage annulled and to use the sheets he sent to prove that the marriage was consummated with them instead of Morris.

Soon after the stuff was sent off Morris set about going back home to seek penance for his deeds. Upon his arrival he found a man clad in silver armor bleeding by his manor house, Morris recognized the man as the one who set him free and listened to what he had to say. The Silver Knight told him that in order for him to die peacefully Morris must take his place as the silver knight, and not let anyone know that the old one had died. Morris accepted, seeing this as a way for him to anonymously make up for his grievous sin. He gave the old knight a proper burial and hid the armor some place only he could find (bat cave XD).

This was quite an eventful time for Morris because later that month Galardoun finally stopped by to pick up Morians. This was much easier on Morris than Melinor because he knew he could keep an eye on the child as the silver knight. Morris regarded the baby in a cold way when Galardoun asked why Morris was so quick to give him up, and Galardoun reacted accordingly disgusted, this gave Morris hope that the child would be raised well, with people that care for him. He was glad for the reminder of his betrayal to not be living in the same manor as him anymore.

The next years were uneventful for Morris and he found himself going on missions here and there, but nothing even made him forget his sin. When Lore suggested he give up his Knighthood so the family could finally break away from the stigma attached to him, Morris knew that that was the final thing, that act would finally absolve him of his sins, he accepted and took a place as the Steward of Idmiston.

Sir Morris

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