Lady Melinor

the Tramp


Age: 30
Year Born: 464
Daughter Number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cyrmic
Lord: Sir Roderick
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Burcombe

Glory 358

SIZ 10
DEX 14
STR 10
CON 17
APP 24

Distinctive Features
Sexy voice
Distinct Hair Color(Red)
Distinct Hair Cut(Short)

Gentlewoman Bonus (italics) 76
Religious Bonus (bold) 64

Chaste 12 / 8 Lustful
Energetic 13/ 7 Lazy
Forgiving 11 / 9 Vengeful
Generous 13/ 7 Selfish
Honest 10 / 10 Deceitful
Just 10 / 10 Arbitrary
Merciful 10/ 10 Cruel
Modest 14 / 6 Proud
Pious 10 / 10 Worldly
Prudent 14 / 6 Reckless
Temperate 13 / 7 Indulgent
Trusting 10 / 10 Suspicious
Valorous 15 / 5 Cowardly

Directed Traits
Reckless (Moris) +5

Loyalty (Lord) 15
Love (Family) 15
Admire (Moris) 16
Hospitality 15
Honor 15
Hate (Saxons) 12

Awareness 10
Chirugery 10
Compose 1
Courtesy 5
Dancing 2
Faerie Lore 15
Falconry 2
Fashion 2
First Aid 12
Flirting 10
Folklore 17
Gaming 3
Heraldry 1
Industry 11
Intrigue 5
Orate 2
Play (Harp) 3
Read (Latin) 10
Recognize 9
Religion 2
Romance 2
Singing 3
Stewardship 15
Swimming 1
Tourney 1

Battle 1
Horsemanship 10

Dagger 12



Married to:
Sir Bandelaine Died: 493

Mother of:
Incest Baby (Morians: 489)

She remembers her father well, even if they are just memories implanted by her mother, and she remembers his as a kind, loving man, who never bent the truth. As she watched Morris grow up she saw more and more of their father in him, and was certain he was guiding Morris’ every move. She grew to admire him more and more as the years went on, so when he went insane and started roaming the countryside Melinor knew what had to be done. She waited just long enough to tell Lore what she had planned, and when Lore told her it was madness she cut off her long beautiful hair and stood her ground. Lore got to go on a quest to find Morris, so why couldn’t she. So what if Lore had an armed escort and she didn’t, what mattered was getting Morris home safe and sound. Once Lore was safely on her way, Melinor told Berel she had urgent matters to attend to and that she would be gone for a while, he insisted that if she had to go she needed an escort so no harm would come to her. Melinor knew if she had an escort they would surly stop her plans, so she told Berel that one had already been arranged and she would be meeting up with them outside the city. Berel accepted this explanation and gave Melinor a dagger that used to belong to their father to protect herself with.

Lady Melinor

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