Lady Lore

of Idmiston


Year Born: 467
Daughter Number: 2
Culture: Cyrmic
Lord: Sir Roderick
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Little Langford

Glory: 626

SIZ 10
DEX 12
STR 10
CON 14
APP 27

Distinctive Features
Very Long Hair
Smooth Skin
Musical Voice

Gentlewoman Bonus (italics) 75
Religious Bonus (bold) 68

Chaste 16 / 4 Lustful
Energetic 13/ 7 Lazy
Forgiving 10 / 10 Vengeful
Generous 13/ 7 Selfish
Honest 9 / 11 Deceitful
Just 10 / 10 Arbitrary
Merciful 10/ 10 Cruel
Modest 13 / 7 Proud
Pious 10 / 10 Worldly
Prudent 11 / 9 Reckless
Temperate 13 / 7 Indulgent
Trusting 10 / 10 Suspicious
Valorous 15 / 5 Cowardly

Directed Traits
Suspicious (Selivant) +1

Loyalty (Lord) 15
Love (Family) 15
Hospitality 15
Honor 14
Hate (Saxons) 7
Love (Silver Knight) 6
Love (Belias) 12
Hate (Winterbone Stoke) 18

Awareness 11
Chirugery 14
Compose 6
Courtesy 15
Dancing 2
Faerie Lore 11
Falconry 2
Fashion 2
First Aid 10
Flirting 12
Folklore 2
Gaming 3
Heraldry 1
Industry 14
Intrigue 17
Orate 7
Play (Harp) 3
Read (Latin) 1
Recognize 11
Religion 2
Romance 10
Singing 14
Stewardship 14
Swimming 1
Tourney 1

Battle 1
Horsemanship 4

Dagger 5

Name: Heliap
Age: 17
Trait: Forgiving


Married to:
Sir Bellias (489)

Mother of:
Boy: Bellias (492)
Boy: Phelot (493)

Growing up around Morris who couldnt lie, Melinor and Berel being Morris’s lap dogs it was left to Lore to be the one that actually got things done. Melinor filled her head full of adventures and idolized Morris so much that she one hit Lore in the face because she called him stupid. With Berel following around Morris she noticed him not recognizing when people were lying to him, why would her family be so care free? Thats when it hit her. They’re so carefree because her mom was constantly looking out for them, protecting them from all things unpleasant. When her mother got remarried Lore decided she would take her place as social guardian of the family. Her mother was part of a new family now and wouldn’t find time to help them out. And this was going to be a huge task. Berel unable to notice lies, Morris unable to lie, and Melinor unable to look much further than Morris was standing, all of them were useless to her, and helpless in most situations. She was not surprised when Melinor took off to ‘save’ Morris, or when Morris admitted to something he only feared he did, she just wished he had talked to her before he had, she would have steered him in a different direction. Lore had to protect her family in any way she could, os yeah she almost took a sword to the gut to get Morris out of captivity. And yes she will manipulate her way into people’s hearts so they will help her protect her family politically. When she was promised to Sir Bellias she couldn’t help but think how great it would be to have yet another family ot help protect her own. It helped later when Lore found out how astute Bellias was. He would be quite useful.

Lady Lore

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