Sir Guy

Of the Wolf's Head, the Dark


Year Born: 464
Age: 30
Son Number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Lord: Earl Roderick
Current Class: Vassal Knight
Current Home: Newton Tony

Glory 4,114

SIZ 12
DEX 15
STR 14
CON 12
APP 15

Damage 4d6
Healing Rate 3
Movement Rate 3
Total Hit Points 27
Unconscious 6

Distinctive Features

Darkly Tanned
Piercing Eyes


Awareness 12
Boating 1
Compose 6
Courtesy 16
Dancing 2
Faerie Lore 1
Falconry 3
First Aid 10
Flirting 13
Folklore 2
Gaming 3
Heraldry 5
Hunting 3
Intrigue 15
Orate 2
Play() 3
Read(Latin) 1
Recognize 7
Religion 2
Romance 12
Singing 2
Stewardship 3
Swimming 2
Tourney 2

Battle 10
Horsemanship 15

Sword 21
Lance 15
Spear 6
Dagger 5

Chivalry Bonus:
Religious Bonus:

Chaste 11 / 9 Lustful
Energetic 12 / 8 Lazy
Forgiving 14 / 6 Vengeful
Generous 10 / 10 Selfish
Honest 8 / 12 Deceitful
Just 11/ 9 Arbitrary
Merciful 12 / 8 Cruel
Modest 11 / 9 Proud
Pious 11/ 9 Worldly
Prudent 10 / 10 Reckless
Temperate 13/ 7 Indulgent
Trusting 10 / 10 Suspicious
Valorous 16 / 4 Cowardly

Directed Traits

Suspicious (Pagan) + 5
Vengeful (Sir Gerin) + 5
Lustful (Ygraine) + 5


Loyalty (Lord) 15
Love (Family) 15
Hospitality 15
Honor 15
Hate (Saxons) 15
Love (Lady Rose) 5
Hate (Sir Brastias) 10
Loyalty (Vassals) 8

Squire: Herbert
Age; 17
Cries Often

Type: Charger (Black)
Damage: 6d6 Move: 8
Armor: 0 HP: 46
SIZ: 34 CON: 12 DEX: 17

Horse #2: Rouncy Move: 6
Horse #3: Rouncy Move: 6
Horse #4: Sumpter Move: 5


Sir Gracian – Bastard Brother, killed by Sir Miles
Sir Gilbert – Bastard Brother
Sir Gwinas – Bastard Brother
Sir Galardoun – Bastard Brother
Sir Gherard – Bastard Brother
Lady Galire – Sister

Bastard Daughter – doesn’t know about
Gaius – Bastard
Baby Guy, 491-493, killed by Sir Gracian
Gethin, 492 -
Geraint, 493 -


Thoughts on PCs:

Tanree: Sir Guy’s faithful wife. Sir Guy knew Tanree since she was a girl serving under Lady Lore and thought nothing of marrying her, but always found her gossiping amusing. Some old perverted knight however was trying to marry Tanree and Sir Guy is a sucker for damsels in distress (he wishes his life was nothing but quests to save them). Sir Guy came to Tanree’s rescue and married her instead. She has been a good wife and has born Sir Guy three sons, sadly one was murdered by his bastard brother, Sir Gracian.

Sir Galardoun: One of Sir Guy’s five bastard brothers. Sir Guy loves his brother, Galardoun, but can find him to be a bit of a pessimist at times. Galardoun is a cold calculating man, but he knows that he would never do anything to hurt his family like the traitorous brother, Sir Gracian.

Sir Morris: he grew up with Morris with Newton Tony and Idminston being so close. He made an oath to aid his family after he went “Wooden”. He and Morris have grown apart after Morris stepped down from knighthood out of the shame of incest, Sir Guy still has trouble believing that Morris would carry out such a vile act.

Sir Berel: He was Sir Guy’s squire for only a year until Sir Berel was raised to knighthood. Sir Guy finds him naive and at times useless as Sir Berel is a lazy knight who tries to avoid doing anything of importance.

Lady Lore: Of late Sir Guy has the most contact with her out of the Idminston family. He was offered her hand but turned it down, it would have been like marrying a sister. Sir Guy is saddened to see such beauty and skill be wasted on a cowardly knight like Sir Bellias, her husband. Sir Guy has no respect for Sir Bellias, who he finds both uninteresting and beaverish. Sir Guy recently converted Lady Lore to Catholicism, which he counts as one of his greatest successes.

Lady Melinor: Sir Guy has never personally met her so only knows her through reputation. She must be beyond earthly beauty if she can cause Sir Morris to commit incest and Sir Bandelaine to foolishly die by Sir Hewgon‘s sword. Maybe she is a sorceress? He best stay away from her… chastity is not Sir Guy’s strong suit.

Sir Miles: Originally Sir Guy had no hope for the large and simple-minded knight and being Sir Gerin’s brother did not help matters. But Sir Miles has surprised him and has proven to be a worthy knight. Sir Miles swore fealty to Sir Guy and recently went on a quest for a sacred pig of some sort, Sir Guy finds this fascinating and encourages Sir Miles to continue such quests. He converted Sir Miles to Catholicism, and thinks that he would be a better fit for Lady Lore instead of the coward, Sir Bellias.

Sir Gerin: A vile unworthy knight. Sir Guy thought Earl Rodrick got it right when he banished him, but sadly it was for only a year and a day. Gerin displayed all the worse qualities you could find in a knight, and as far as Sir Guy is concerned Salisbury is a better place without him. He fled into the Faerie Land to escape the Dragon of Salisbury, like the coward Sir Guy always knew him to be. Its amazing Sir Miles is his brother…

Violett: Sir Guy has no idea who this is.

Claire: Sir Miles’ sister, who looks nothing like the rest of the family. Lady Lore seems to be very close to Lady Claire and Sir Guy knows that this makes his wife, Tanree, jealous.

Sir Harvis: Guy did not like Sir Harvis, he was in league with Sir Gerin and the two seemed to have no interest in knightly things, like helping innocents and killing Saxons. Speaking of Saxons they killed Sir Harvis early into their knighthood.

Sir Dalan: The Prudent Knight. Sir Guy liked Sir Dalan and he thought that he would have made a fine leader had he survived, better even than himself, because Sir Dalan could do one thing that Sir Guy cannot: know when the odds are against him and act accordingly. Sir Dalan died an honorable death charging to retrieve King Octa’s banner, the only reckless thing he ever did.

Sir Bandelaine: Sir Guy liked the Bard, or was it the Knight of Tusks? Either way he thought that he would have a friendly rivalry with Sir Bandelaine as the most dashing of Salisbury’s knights, but then Sir Bandelaine gone and died suddenly attacking Sir Hewgon, what a shame.

Sir Edward: Sir Guy has no opinion on Sir Edward, he seems like a good rival for Sir Miles.

Sir Alexander: Fought with Sir Guy to defeat the Dragon of Salisbury in which Sir Alexander charged it and died. That’s right. Sir Alexander charged a Dragon, while Sir Gerin the Beaver ran away. Anyone who looks at a dragon and thinks that they’ll stab their lance into it deserves respect.

Sir Lucas: Sir Guy went on a quest with Sir Lucas, but other than that they have had little contact.

Laudine: Sir Guy was supposed to find her a husband, but he kept forgetting about it. Now she is married to a man in far away land and so Sir Guy has forgotten all about her again.

Sir Arnold: He was fat and now he is dead.

Sir Dulan the Red: Who?

Sir Selivant: He was a brave man who died a glorious death aiding Sir Guy kill Duke Gorlois. Sir Guy was setting Sir Selivant up to be the second-best knight in Salisbury, after himself of course, but then he died.

Sir Michael: He hates Levcomagus for some reason, reminds him of that worthless Sir Gerin. Other than that he has no opinion.

Sir Hewgon: He killed Sir Bandelaine over Lady Melinor’s honor, and then killed Sir Bliant in a trial by combat, so no doubt he is a good fighter. Sir Guy has heard rumors that he is in league with the Devil, perhaps this is where he gets his strength? If he finds out such rumors are true he will put an end to Sir Hewgon’s life.

Thoughts on Important NPCs:

Earl Roderick: The Earl of Salisbury, Roderick has been like a mentor for Sir Guy and he has a great amount of admiration and respect for Roderick. Sir Guy has been called Roderick’s favorite by other knights of Salisbury and Sir Guy has no problem with it, instead taking it as a compliment.

King Uther Pendragon: The King, Sir Guy should probably like him as he is his knight and all, but he does not. Sir Guy thinks that King Uther has no honor after the being taken to court wrongly accused of aiding Merlin kidnap Uther’s child.

Merlin: Sir Guy now hates Merlin, he aided Merlin countless times, enough to be called one of “Merlin’s Knights” only to have the old wizard betray him by setting him up to be accused of stealing King Uther’s son. If Merlin comes calling again, Sir Guy will not answer.

Prince Madoc ap Uther: Sir Guy had little contact with Madoc, but respected him because he was talented at killing Saxons. Sir Guy attempted to save Madoc’s life when they fought Duke Gorlois, but failed.

Duke Gorlois: Sir Guy killed him! Other then providing a famous kill for Sir Guy he has no opinion of the deceased Duke.

Sir Brastias: Sir Guy hates him completely. It was he who accused him of aiding Merlin kidnap King Uther’s son and put his honor into question, for that Sir Guy will never forgive him.

Sir Guy

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