A small fat man who smelled like horses and dung, he was known for his loyalty and tendency to make suggestions to his knight. He squired under Sir Berel of Salisbury, now he squires under Sir Gumret of Silchester.


Hebes comes from a long line of squires. His father died a squire, his grandfather died a squire, his great-grandfather was made a knight, but was quickly demoted back to being a squire. To Hebes’ family being a squire is an honored tradition and the loftiest position any of them aspire to. So Hebes was both enthusiastic and honored to squire under a knight of Salisbury.

Hebes was originally the squire for Sir Moris of Salisbury, but after Sir Moris went “Wooden” he served under his younger brother, Sir Beryl.

He and Sir Beryl formed a tight bond, and Sir Berel even married Hebes’ sister, though not through any personal desire. Hebes served Sir Berel until he became 21, when squires traditionally are knighted. Earl Rodrick decided that Hebes was not worthy of being knighted, which did not bother Hebes in the slightest. The tough blow was when Earl Rodrick decided to demote Hebes to be a common messenger. Hebes was devastated and begged to be allowed to be a squire again.

As a messenger Hebes would ask each knight to put in a good word to Earl Rodrick, and he aspired to be a squire again as that is all he had ever wanted. That opportunity came when Sir Gumret of Silchester offered to let him squire under him, Hebes agreed, but did not have time to tell Earl Rodrick that he was joining Silchester.

No one knows what has happened to him.


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