Goneries the Young Admiral


High Skills: Intrigue, Battle, Boating
Year Born:
Age: 25; Glory 3,221
Combat Skills: Horsemanship 10, Sword 16, Lance 10, Dagger 5, Spear 7, Battle 13
Skills: Awareness 12, Courtesy 6, Intrigue 9, First Aid 10, Heraldry 5, Recognize 5, Hunting 5, Orate 4, Boating 13
Traits: Chaste 8, Energetic 5, Forgiving 8, Generous 9, Honest 16, Just 14, Merciful 11, Modest 9, Pious 16, Prudent 8, Temperate 7, Trusting 16, Valorous 15
Passions: Honor 12, Hospitality 11, Love (Family) 16, Loyalty (Lord) 10, Hate (Saxon) 13
Horses: Brown Chargers (6d6)
Distinctive Features: Thick arms


Goneries was a Pagan, a strong follower of Manannan. He desired to become the admiral of King Uther’s fleet, showing the might of Logres to the rest of Britian. He did not live by the sea, but would practice his knots and learning from retired sailors. He had received permission to with Gynwynwyn, the current admiral of the royal fleet in Hantonne. His desire was to become better than his soon-to-be mentor. His true weakness was his lustful and lazy nature.

He never pushed away from the Pagan ways, which he considered the true tradition of his people. In fact, he considered Uther to be the next wave of men. He thinks he will be elevated to god status by the priest of his church. Of course, he used to think that the Christianity would split one day, into many, many smaller sects, and it will be assimilated into Paganism, just like the Roman paganism.

His dreams were crushed when he was executed for murder at Royal Court.

Goneries the Young Admiral

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