Duke Gorlois

Duke of Cornwall


Duke Gorlois was a grizzled veteran of many skirmishes, battles and wars. He was the first from Cornwall to support Aurelius Ambrosius, who honored Gorlois with the dukedom of Cornwall. He had many trials against Irish raiders, Cornwall plunderers and Saxon invaders.

His downfall came in at the hands of Aurelius Ambrosius nephew and heir to the Pendragon line, Uther. After claiming the Sword of Victory, Excalibur, Uther systemically progressed from king to king demanding fealty. After his encounter with Gorlois and the Battle of Lindsey, they became brothers in arms. But Uther’s eyes was not for the glory of post-battle, but for Gorlois’s wife, Ygraine.

Gorlois was invited to royal court and was imprisoned. He was not imprisoned in the dungeons, but with bonds of hospitality. He could not leave without breaking the truce. That time did come, when Uther attempted to place himself on the duke’s wife.

Sadly, the duke was not in fighting shape. His skill was sharp, but his sword arm was weak. When Gorlois escaped into the night to ambush Uther’s main force, he was able to kill the bastard son of Uther, Prince Madoc. The price was too high, for he was killed by a Salisbury knight, Sir Guy of the Wolf’s Head.

Gorlois had three daughters, Morgawse, Elaine and Morgan.

His wife became the queen of Uther, as well as his daughters, the wards of crown.

Duke Gorlois

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