The Dragons of Salisbury

Year 484, Summer

The Death of Dulan the Red

Year 484: The Death of Dulan the Red

Knights Involved
Sir Harvis, Sir Moris, Sir Dulan the Red, Sir Gerin

As summer approaches, the knights return to their homes to deal with the their newly acquired lands. Before the time of their knighthood, it was a wards responsibility to take care of the land. Now they are of station, the hands change to the father’s heir.

The peace of home life is short lived. Earl Roderick places them in their first real duty, patrol. The patrol was the knights first real border patrol, Earl Roderick allowed their old mentor, Sir Elad, to help them gain their wits about the land. They gather their horse, arms, weapons and their very own squire. Sir Elad also introduced a new knight, Sir Gerin of Burwick Saint James. Sir Elad claimed that Sir Arnold was busy; he was planned to put his skilled tongue to use in other counties.

From Sarum Castle, the knights travel the east and follow the river Bourne. While on patrol, a young man approaches them with terror in his eyes. He says a group of knights is raiding village of Allington. The knight of the manor is away, and if they do not help, the village and the manor will be pillaged. Sir Elad commands the knights to charge.

When they approach the knights, the raiding knights were stealing a cow and any valuables that were light enough to carry from the manor Sir Elad recognizes the armor design on sight. He deduced that the knights are from a neighboring county of Silchester, and in particular from the city of Levcomagus. Sir Elad leads the charge, with the rest of the knights beside him. He broke off from the combat to deal with the leader, who was posted in an overlooking hill.

The charge was a mistake.

Sir Moris and Sir Harvis where defeated by two separate knights of equal skill. Sir Gerin was attempting to gain the front line advantage, but to his chagrin, he was kicked from his horse when he pushed it too far. He, too, was defeated by the Levcomagus. This was not without consequence, all knights were wounded with the exception of one Levcomagus knight.

Sir Dulan the Red suffered the worst. A powerful blow from a lance formed a fatal wound to the great warrior, and fell to the raiders. He slowly died as he watched Sir Elad return, routing the rest of the wounded Silchester knights.

Sir Elad was able to save many of the young knight’s lives, but he Dulan was far too gone. He was body was returned to his home, Winterbourne Stoke. Sadly, the heir of the manor was not of age, and a ward was forced to take over until the age of knighthood. Sir Selivant, the cousin of Sir Dulan the Red, was given stewardship of the manor until Michael, the heir, took over.

With heavy hearts, the knights were carted off to Sarum castle for chirugenry and to lick their wounds from their attack.

They learned, while healing, that the attack was not simply a group of knights seeking plunder. Earl Roderick had a long standing rivalry for Lady Jenna against the Steward of Levcomagus. In the end, she picked the Salisbury Earl instead of the steward. He was not pleased, and he planned a secret war against Roderick. That was more than sixteen years ago.

The knights picked up rivalry, gaining a heart seeded with hatred. They vowed to bring Levcomagus the same pain they brought them.



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